Reviewer Guideline

• The reviewers have responsibility to the editor to inform the editor and the field editors regarding the review process of the submitted manuscript in case the reviewers do not feel enough qualified in order to review the assigned manuscript of if they cannot complete the review process on time.
• The reviewers should complete her/his task in the respect to principle of secrecy. Reviewers should not share or discuss any data regarding the submitted study with no one except the editor and the field editor(s).
• The reviewer should not disclose and share any data/content and opinions of the submitted manuscripts and should not use personal interest. Furthermore, the reviewers should not use any data of the unpublished paper.
• The criticism of the reviewers should be based on objective and scientific perspective and also the reviewers should avoid from personal criticism against the author(s). The reviewers are supposed to support her or his opinions by providing clear and tangible proofs.
• If the reviewers detect any similarities between the assigned manuscript and another published articles in the journal or in another journal, they are supposed to notify the editor about this situation.
• The reviewers should not take any part in evaluation process of the submitted manuscripts with author(s) who have competition, cooperation or other kind of relations or links.
• The proposal of the reviewer(s) appointed to evaluate the paper should be scientifically reasonable for referencing his own work.