Author Guidelines

• Authors who submit a research article to the journal should pay attention to the original results and discussions that emphasize the importance of the study in the content of the article. If the uploaded article is a review article or other type of article, its contents must be concrete and objective.
• The author (s) may request raw data on their articles within the framework of evaluation processes, in which case the author(s) should be prepared to submit the expected data and information to the editors' board and the scientific committee.
• Authors should basically not publish a text describing the same research in more than one article and submit it to a journal.
• The author (s) should not submit the same article, partially or entirely, to more than one journal. This type of behavior is unethical and not accepted by the journal.
• Authors should provide data on their work within the framework of ethical principles. The publisher, editor, and referee may request the raw data that underpin the work, from the author (s).
• Studies submitted to the journal should contain sufficient source information and details. Fraudulent and deliberate misrepresentation is unacceptable as it will lead to unethical situations.
• Unethical issues such as plagiarism, controversial and misrepresentation are never acceptable in the content of an article.
• The submitted manuscripts should be original and the originality of the study should be ensured by the author(s). If others’ papers and/or words are used in the context of the submitted manuscript, the reference should be provided in accordance to appropriate style. Also, excerpts should be in an appropriate style in accordance to the writing rules of the journal and scientific ethics. The authorities are supposed to refer to other publishments which effect the essence of their submitted studies.
• The authors are supposed to notify a conflict of interest, financial sources and foundations if any of them are supported their studies.
All the person(s) who contributed to the submitted manuscript in the respect of design, interpretation or implementation should be written on the submitted manuscript. All participations contributed in essence, should be listed respectively. Also, apart these persons should be added to the part of “Acknowledgement”.
If the author detects any flaw or error(s) in the context of the submitted manuscript, the author is responsible to urgently notify this situation to the editor or the publisher in behalf of collaboration in order to correct such error(s) or flaw(s).